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Flexible P.C.B.
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Flexible P.C.B.
Product Description

      A Flexible P.C.B. designed to meet high performance interconnection requirements. Tailored to your  application by using various combinations of materials.

Types of Flexible P.C.B.
Single & Double Side.
Flying Lead And Single- Sided Double Access
Multilayer 3~5 layers.
Choice of Materials
Main Application

Automobile ,camera,notebook,telecommnication equipment, printer, medial instruments,measuring.

Standard Specification
 Minimum Trace Width 0.002"
 Minimum Space Between Traces 0.002"
 Minimum Hole Size 0.006"
 Minimum Annual Ring 0.005"
Thickness Tolerance
 Single Sided 0.0005" ~0.001"
 Double Sided 0.0010"~0.002"
 Multi-layers 0.002"~0.007"
 Rigid Flex 0.002"~0.007"
 Base Material and Thickness Polyimide or 0.0005",0.001",0.002",0.003"&0.005"
 Conductor (Copper Thickness) 1/3 oz,0.5 oz,1.0 oz or 2.0 oz(RA or ED Copper)
 Cover Layer Material and Thickness
Polymide 0.001" or 0.002" or 0.0005" or 0.0006" or 0.0008" or 0.0014"
Adhesive Material and Thickness Epoxy,Acrylic 0.001" or 0.002" or 0.0005"
Stiffener Material and Thickness FR-4,Mylar, Metal or Kapton 0.001" ~ 0.062"
Reference Standard Specification
Flexible PCB IPC-FC-250A
Rigid - Flex Multilayers MIL-50884C
Printing Circuit Board IPC-A-600F
Flexible P.C.B. Production Flow Chart

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