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ITO Touch Screen
  Development Map
  Surface Capacitive
  4 Wire Resistive
  5 Wire Resistive
  8 Wire Resistive
  Touch Lens
Membrane Switch
  Capacitive Touch        Keypad
  LGF Backlight        Switch
Flexible P.C.B.
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Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

How it works
     Once the panel is touched, there is capacitance generated between finger, touch panel surface & ITO coating. When the diamond pattern is scanned sequently, the capacitance of the diamond pattern underneath the finger is the highest, other capacitance is proportional to the distance between finger and touched area; the scanned diamond in X- coordinate will tell us which diamond pattern the finger locates in, likewise in Y-coordinate the same operation will detect the finger location, through the data obtained by scanning and weighted calculation on X,Y coordinates we can figure out the accurate area touched on panel ;
Specification Hightlight & Benifit Application
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