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Touch Lens

Construction & Characteristics
Touch lens is divided into below :
3-layer: lens + ITO Film + ITO PC
               lens + ITO Film + chemically strengthened ITO glass
4-layer: lens + ITO Film + ITO Film + PC
               lens + ITO Film + ITO Film + chemically strengthened ITO glass
Supporting plate are : PC,ITO PC,chemically strengthened ITO glass &chemically strengthened glass
the substrate of Lens is soft PET material which after silkscreen printing, metallic-color spray and decoration process , it gets aesthetic outer shape and anti-scratch characteristics besides original tuoch function. Such construction is outline changeable and non-breakable, thus better help the cosmetic design of touch panel application;
when use chemically strengthened ITO glass or chemically strengthened glass as supporting plate, the product outer shape is flexible , non-deformable , reliable , high transmission ;
Specification Hightlight & Benifit Application  
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