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Capacitive Touch Keypad
4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
Working Principle

Please see the picture which shows the basic working principle: When body, as the earth capacitance, touches the electrode, capacitance CF will be formed between the induction electrode with the earth. The induction capacitance usually ranges from several pF to tens of pF. Making use of this basic principle, related circuit outside is established, and IC can detect if body touches electrode by the changing of capacitance.

Product Description

Comparing with traditional mechanical keys, capacitive touch sensor is not only slinky but also with long life time and durable. It subverts traditional keypad control. Only with slight touch, It can realize the control of switches, quantizing, and even direction.
Currently our group can achieve the design for below products:

Capacitive touch with keypad.
Capacitive touch with slider.
Capacitive touch with roller.
Transparent capacitive touch with keys, roller and slider.
Standard Specification
Maximum Circuit Rating
35V( DC),100mA 1W
Dielectric Withstand
250 V Rms (50~60 Hz 1 min.)
Operation Temperature
-20 ℃ to +80 ℃
Storage Temperature
-40 ℃ to +80 ℃
40 ℃ , 90%  for 240 hours

The capacitive touch keypad owns durability, temperature resistance, water-proof, low cost and other advantages. It’s widely applied to home appliances and industrial control.

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

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