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ITO Touch Screen
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  Surface Capacitive
  4 Wire Resistive
  5 Wire Resistive
  8 Wire Resistive
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ITO Touch Screen

Slider Capacitive
Projected Capacitive
Surface Capacitive
4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen
Touch Lens
Product Show
Product Description
     ITO Touch Panel is an interactive input device integrated onto electronic display. It can be divided into resistive touch panel and capacitive touch panel by signals output from controller.
    We can fulfill both single touch and multi-touch on either resistive or capacitive touch panel, so to provide users more performance.
Product Type
■Resistive touch panel ( 4-wire 5-wire & 8-wire), multi-touch resistive touch panel
※ Normal 2-layer structure: ITO Film + ITO Glass
※ Touch Lens is divided into following:
      3-Layer :lens + ITO Film + ITO PC
                        lens + ITO Film + ITO Glass (Chemically Strengthened)
      4-Layer :lens + ITO Film + ITO Film + PC
                        lens + ITO Film + ITO Film + CS Glass
   Supporting plate :PC,ITO PC,ITO glass (Chemically Strengthened) , CS Glass

■Surface capacitive touch panel、multi-touch capacitive touch panel (unsingle-layer capacitive touch panel & single-layer capacitive touch panel)
※ unsingle-layer capacitive touch panel structure :
                        lens + ITO Film + ITO Film
                        lens + ITO Film (Single multipoint)
※ single-layer capacitive touch panel structure :
                        lens + ITO Film
Main Application
     LCD Module, PDA, PC, Home appliance product,Mobile Phone, Hand-Held Instrument, Industrial Computer, POS system,  Kiosk, E-Book, Web Pad, Car Navigation System, Information Terminal, Signature Capturing Device,  Toys...etc.
  ITO application
ITO application
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